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Team members

2 product designers
work closely in 1 months

My Role

UX Research
UX Design
UI Design
Video produce


Final Cut, Adobe XD
Adobe Creative Suite

Project Overview


How visual-impared individuals do makeup?

According to the American Foundation for the Blind, approximately 25 million adults in the US have experienced vision loss. Some of them are temporary.

Far too often, the able-bodied world focuses on what disabled people can't do. Society views beauty as a visual thing - because that’s how most sighted people experience beauty. However, there are so many layers to beauty beyond what it looks like.

There are emerging visual-impared creators who shared their makeup experience and skills on social media (Tiktok, Instagram, etc) to encourage people who have similar needs.



How might we

leverage technology to create an inclusive and accessible makeup mobile app experience for both visually-impaired individuals and sighted beginners?

Value proposition


Simplified Get-live-feedback interface

Estee offers a platform for visual impaired users to connect and receive real-time feedback from a supportive community of makeup enthusiasts and volunteers.

Gamify the Give-live-feedback to unlock rewards

Estee sends notifications to beauty enthusiasts when a user needs feedback. After providing useful feedback, the beauty enthusiast can claim a special beauty icon. By collecting three identical beauty icons in a row, user can level up their Beauty match-3 game and unlock free gifts.

AI & AR powered smart Estee mirror

Estee Mirror is a smart virtual makeup buddy that uses AI technology and augmented reality to assist users. It conducts a facial scan to recommend suitable makeup products and application techniques. Estee can also scan individual products and provide a detailed description of their specific colors. It offers voice-guided instructions on how to apply the makeup correctly, making it particularly beneficial for visually impaired individuals who require assistance in this area.

Product scan & digital makeup bag

Scan product feature helps visual  impaired individuals to differentiate similar-shape products and color. Once the product has been scanned, User can save it to their digital makeup bag and initiate a personalized makeup tutorial with Estee, utilizing the products stored in their bag.

Tailored onboarding experience for customized recommendations

By answering a set of tailored questions, Users can create a personalized profile of their beauty preferences and visual state. Estee uses these data to offer customized recommendations and voice-guided assistance throughout the whole process.

Product Research

Research process

Due to tight hackathon schedule, we finished the following research and interviews in the first week:

Visual impair, also known as vision impairment, is a medical definition primarily measured based on an individual's better eye visual acuity;The most common causes of visual impairment globally are uncorrected refractive errors (43%), cataracts(33%), and glaucoma (2%

In addition, very few, if any solutions currently exist in the marketplace to make the integration process easier and more accessible to both demographics. The financial advisory services combined with Catholic Values screening remain too costly and consequently, unattainable.


After thorough research and interviews, we concluded the following 5 main painpoints:


Visual-impaired individual

- She struggles to find makeup products that work well with her unique facial features and needs.

- She has to rely on her friends to give feedback on her makeup, but sometimes this can be inconvenient and even embarrassing.

Sighted makeup beginner

- She loves to help people, and is a frequent mobile user.

- She is new to makeup and would like to learn skills that fit to her facial structure and skin typle.

Product Ideation


After 2-day brainstorming, we came up the following 5 main features to address our 5 main painpoints:

Design Iterations






Not as the targeted user

There is no 'best user experience design', yet 'optimum product design'.

The optimum product design considers not only user experience, but also business model, development constraints, etc.

Cross-function team aligning and collaboration encourages productivity and creativity.

Aligning with other designers is definately important in work. Close collaboration and work with designers with other function design responsibilities helped me understand the client feedback in a big picture, and found the best design solution of Search to connect the product main screen-invest-monitor features. Also, it helped me came up with design system adaptive to all user scenarios.

Sometimes pushing back feedback is needed.

When getting feedback from Stakeholders, Project Manager and Engineers, the first action should not be taking all the feedbacks and iterate design right after. Being skeptical and validating the requirement help me drill down the reasoning and actual needs behind it, and iterate the design to the best direction.